Exercise; To Love or Not To Love?

Given my chosen profession people always assume that I must LOVE exercising, and that I’m some sort of guru.  I am not.

For me exercise became more of a necessity to help manage my existing health concerns without the use of harmful prescription drugs (not that I am against all prescription drugs, just for me personally I feel they should be the last ditch resort after all lifestyle changes have been exhausted).

Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of euphoria I get when I’m off in my ‘special little place’ is mind blowing, and has become rather addictive!  But it hasn’t been easy getting to where I am now.  Its been tough!

Everyone seems to have a false notion of what ‘exercise’ actually is, almost like you must be running miles a day and pumping iron at the gym.  YOU DON’T!

I’ve tried to get into running, really tried.  But unfortunately it’s just not compatible with my existing health conditions, and I’ve finally been able to accept and respect that fact!  I no longer feel guilty about not doing it, and feeling like a failure.  Instead I’ve learnt to love, like REALLY LOVE the exercise that I can manage.

Remember ‘exercise’ is defined as “activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.”  It is NOT defined as “emotionally beating yourself up and putting yourself through hell!”  

So for me whatever exercise I do MUST be done with the sole purpose to sustain and improve my underlying physical health conditions, but to also provide a form of escapism – a sort of therapy to clear the mind; the modern-day interpretation of meditation (only for me it’s not sat around cross-legged and humming, it’s actually listening to cheesy 80’s and heavy metal music!)

So, what I’m trying to say is yes we all need to exercise and keep moving to improve our health (both physical and mental), but we don’t need to see it as a form of punishment or pain!  If dancing around your kitchen to Queen (like me lol!) makes you feel on top of the world, then DO IT!  Don’t go punishing yourself because you aren’t running marathons (unless that is what you really WANT to do!).

For me, my exercise is a mixture of swimming (not competitive mind!), uphill walking, dancing like a complete buffoon around my kitchen, kettlebells (just don’t ask my good friend Benjamin about my sessions ha!) and running around endlessly after the kids!  Do I wish I could do more?  Of course I do!  But I’ve accepted my reality, and for me I would rather LOVE my exercise than loathe it and fail.


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