Exercise…..The Geek’s Way!

So, how do geeks clear the crap from their minds??  Well, they grab their favourite Mickey Mouse T-shirt, a Doctor Who backpack and an IPod and head out hiking in the rain of course!

I’m currently sat on a piece of driftwood log, in light rain overlooking the waves, beach to myself. Bliss.  Don’t think I could have a better office’ today if I tried lol!

But to get here I’ve trekked across wonderful huge sand dunes in the middle of nowhere, so its not all sat around enjoying the peaceful view!

I’m certainly feeling much better for the hike and calming waves 🙂  I don’t actually want to leave! But mum duties await……well give me another half hour peace before the trek back to find the car 😉

Its a funny thing living with a chronic illness. Last week I could barely walk. Today I’ve achieved a goal I set myself two years ago (yep, had a little proud cry when I finally reached the beach!)

No doubt my body will punish me for this tomorrow, but for now I’m LOVING today’s exercise and that’s what its all about 🙂


Merthyr Mawr!


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