When Life Gives You Lemons….

So this evening’s ‘office’ is an OKish hotel bar, about 40 miles from home.  Staff are friendly; people interesting (I do love a good people watch!).  But why am I here?

So, this isn’t what I was ‘meant’ to be doing this evening.  BUT as a single mum I would have been crazy to pass up an opportunity for my first child free night in a year when my plans got cancelled last minute.  So, me being the spontaneous fidget bum that I am, I hit the road and voila!  Here I am having a much needed night away; turning a disappointment into an opportunity 🙂

This week has been very mixed.  After being soooooo full of energy last week, I knew I was surviving on borrowed adrenaline and that a health crash was imminent (don’t you just LOVE living with a chronic illness!)  So from Wednesday onwards I’ve been feeling pretty crappy, which probably wasn’t helped by insomnia, worrying over another person, and the worsening difficulties of one of my babies bless.

So my week resembled something like this:

Excitement.  Happiness.  Pride.  Frustration.  Uncontrollable (and unappreciated) worry.  Loss.  Exhaustion.  Pain.  Fright.  Relief.  Anger.  Upset.  Pissed off.  Disappointment.  Regret.  The full spectrum in a few short days.  But have I let that stop me from facing the world and just cracking on?  No.  Because I am built to push through (and I’m pretty fantastic at it!).

And it’s for that reason why it’s bloody brilliant that the new Doctor is a WOMAN!!!  She possesses all the required qualities, and more.  I can’t understand why there has been so much backlash?!?!  Well, judging by social media the majority of the negativity has come from men!  Do they feel threatened and inferior??  Well they should do ha!  Now, I’m not really sexist and I do have some truly wonderful male friends (thanks Benjamin for cheering me up today with hidden Micky Flanagan references in your messages!)  But seriously chaps, GET OVER IT!!!  She can’t help being born AMAZING 😉

Anyway….I am going to get back to my people watching and chatting to random tipsy strangers 😉  Have a fantastic weekend folks, whether you are doing ‘proper F**k all’ or going ‘Out Out.’

Amy x


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