To Love the NHS…???



So last week in South Wales, we saw the worst snowfall in a very long time, with a RED warning issued from the Met Office. This meant that schools, council offices, shops and businesses completely shut down & we were advised not to drive.

BUT hospitals didn’t have the luxury of being able to close their doors.  Patients still needed to be treated and fed, buildings still needed to be cleaned.  Patients out in the community still needed to be visited, and GP surgeries open regardless.

Now, I think it is fair to say that I haven’t had the perfect love affair with the NHS!  I’ve worked for the NHS; seen the best and very worst.   As a relative I’ve seen loved ones both saved and neglected.  As a patient I’ve had some of the most amazing care you could ever wish for.  I’ve also been mis-diagnosed and neglected, causing life changing and permanently damaging effects.

HOWEVER, over the past week I’ve been grateful to see the passion and dedication of many good NHS workers first hand. 

Family members and close friends are nurses & have put their patients above their own safety & family by travelling into work at all costs.

I’ve see my partner working long hours & giving up his own weekend to drive NHS staff to hospitals and around the community in a 4×4.  And then he has worked crazy 18 hour shifts to help manage the crisis that hit the area immediately after the snow began to descend.  From a selfish point of view I hated his ‘job’ during this time as it meant he wasn’t around to support with something quite significant at home.  But on the flip side seeing his passion for the cause made me love him even more.  The NHS need more people like him.

So whilst Facebook was full of selfish moans of shops being closed or running out of food, just spare a thought for all the dedicated NHS workers (domestics, caterers, porters, nurses, doctors, paramedics, managers to name just a few!) that put their own lives at risk travelling through awful conditions to ensure patients didn’t suffer!

Thank you


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