Energy Drinks – The Lurking Monster?

There isn’t a morning that passes that we don’t see somebody walking or driving along (usually looking quite stressed!) whilst drinking ones of these bad boys.  These brightly-coloured canned drinks promise to “get you up to speed in a hurry!” or “give you wings!”  But is this all they are giving you?  And are they giving it to us in a healthy sustained manner?


The daily recommended maximum intake of caffeine is 200mg; so that is equivalent to around two mugs or four cups of coffee per day – MAXIMUM.  However just one serving of energy drink can contain anything between 80mg & an astonishing 240mg!!!  And that is even before you add in the copious amounts of coffee (usually with added sugar!) these people tend to also consume throughout the day in a bid to try and sustain that sudden burst of energy they have obtained from their canned friend.

But it’s not just the caffeine we need to be worried about with these energy drinks; but also the sugar, artificial sweeteners and all the other not so lovely scary ingredients – all bringing their own individual side effects!

So, what are the collective side effects of energy drinks?


  • Heart palpitations
  • Tremours
  • Restlessness
  • Mood swings
  • Cravings
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Paraesthesia (tingling or numbing of the skin)
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory distress
  • Headache
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Increase urination
  • Breast shrinkage in females
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Tooth decay
  • Increases risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Unstable insulin levels

WOW!  Are those brightly-coloured convenient cans right by the cash desk looking so irresistible now?? 









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One Down….


Well, that’s the first official day of the Summer holidays over!  How did you do mums??  Did your day resemble this video below by any chance?!?!?

Or was it more like this…….


For us our day went a little like this:

6:17am: Wake up
Babies bickering.
“Mummy I want a snack.”
“Mummy I want a snack.”
Get us all dressed.
“Mummy I want a snack.”
Watched Planet of the Apes 3 at the cinema which was actually quite good (forgot the 3D glasses so now have an extra 3 pairs to add to the billion others in the drawer of crap!)
“Mummy I want a snack.”
Endured a grumpy person.
Babies collected for a few hours (yes, this is the FIRST time in TWO years that I have arranged having small breaks during the Summer holidays!)
Quick lunch & work emails.
Childfree trip to B&Q for screws.
Childfree trip to the gym where I snorted out a massive laugh watching this video whilst on the treadmill (WARNING, not for the easily offended ha!)
Childfree swim.  Bliss.
Had an allergic reaction to something.
Collected some parcels (new camping equipment, yay!)
Got harassed on Gumtree messages by somebody called ‘Jade.’
Home for DIY.  Realised I got wrong screws.  Bugger.
Childfree trip to B&Q for screws.
Collected babies; one happy; one sad. *sigh*
“Mummy I want a snack.”
Medical appointment for one of the said babies.
“Mummy I want a snack.”
Back home for tea.
“Mummy I want a snack.”
“Mummy I want a snack.”
Babies up to bed.
Told how much they love me and missed me today. *awwww* 
Lovely cuddles and kisses with my babies.
“Mummy I want a poo poo.”
“Mummy I want a drink.”
“Mummy I want a drink.”
“Mummy I want a drink.”
8:23pm: I start work for the evening when I should actually be preparing for a hospital trip to London in the morning. Bugger.

Sound familiar ladies???

One day down.  43 to go!



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Why is it that most mums very rarely praise themselves???  Now I don’t mean in an unattractive narcissistic manner (we ALL know a few mums like that!); but in a genuine, accomplished way?

Some of you will remember a survey I put out to mums a few months ago, asking various questions about confidence, happiness etc and quite frankly the results backed up what I already suspected.

The majority of the mums who responded felt they lacked confidence; time to themselves; and craved a form of escapism.  Sadly my survey isn’t the only study carried out recently in relation to how mums feel.   A study by Channel Mum found that a WHOPPING 90% of mums asked, admitted to feeling lonely since having children.  That’s a really shocking statistic, and one which I really hope we can improve.

So I’d like to start a little experiment.  For all my wonderful mum-readers (and the wives/partners of the men who read my blogs), I want you to spend just ONE minute thinking about the things that made you proud about YOU this week?  Not your kids; we already know how amazing our babies are and if you are like me you will be constantly praising them and feeling an overwhelming amount of pride in their achievements.  No.  This is about something that YOU and only YOU have achieved this week which makes you feel proud of YOURSELF.   It can be a small achievement or something really life changing!


OK, got your list?  Well done!  Now I want you to head on over to my newly created CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP and share your achievements with other mums – we love to hear other people’s happy news!    In return, I will share two of my own proud achievements from this week – exclusively in the group.  The aim of this is not only to get you thinking more positively and regularly about your OWN achievements, BUT to also connect with other mums in similar situations & to feel less isolated.

See you there!

Amy x


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Blown Away! And a Little Bit More xxx


Wow, I can’t quite believe how many people have taken the time to read my personal blog I posted about my cancer journey last week!   I’m very touched and have received some wonderful messages, thank you xxx.  For those who missed it, you can still read it HERE!

Anyway, in my blog I touched on the notion that the physical cancer treatment was only the very first step to recovery, and often sufferers are left with a whole barrage of both physical and emotional difficulties.  Rather than bore you all with my own lingering complications, I wanted to share a very powerful blog post a fellow friend and cancer warrior wrote recently HERE.

Beth talks very honestly about the guilt and anger that lingers, and the very painful grief she experiences over never being able to carry her own child.  I know she doesn’t feel it right now, but she is an inspirational woman whom I am blessed to call a friend xxx.


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Still Kicking Cancer’s Butt – Yay Go Me!


This afternoon’s ‘office’ (Friday 14th) is sat on the step of the harbour lock at Cardiff Bay, overlooking the water.  Those close to me will know the significance of this place.  I can feel him sat with me, silently…..and then eventually telling me to get off my phone lol!  We miss you xxx.


What a week!  The lead up to my Oncology check ups are always very difficult.  I tend to shut myself off from people, chuck myself into exercise (when well enough), work, studying, DIY and dance like a buffoon around the kitchen to try to dull the wait.  Sometimes it works better than others. I’m glad today is over for another six months.

Anyway, yes thats me TWO years and 7 months clear of cancer now!!!  I can’t quite believe it!  Wow, a lot has happened in those two years.  That doesn’t mean I’m ‘free’ from the aftermath of cancer mind; people forget that cancer treatment is only the very first step (but that’s another blog post!).  For me I have a love/hate relationship with my cancer.

I hate my cancer because:

  1. Of the unbearable fear it caused incase I had to leave my young kids without their mummy (anyone who knows me, knows I am a complete tigress when it comes to my babies!)
  2. Of the pain my children suffered.  I will never forget the day I had to tell them.
  3. Of the time it stole from our lives.
  4. My decision to have more kids was ripped away.
  5. I’m left with permanent daily complications.
  6. Of the chance of recurrence.
  7. I had to go through major and risky surgery – and suffered a big bleed on the operating table (I thank my wonderful surgeon each day for saving me!)
  8. I’m sometimes angry about the medical neglect and delayed diagnosis.

BUT, I also LOVE my cancer too (odd ‘ey?!) because:

  1. It’s allowed me a freedom I’ve never experienced; like proper life changing freedom!  Hard to explain, but I’m finally free.
  2. I’ve learnt to love hard and proper – never mediocre & no apologies.
  3. I’ve learnt to commit hard and proper to people, work, life – never mediocre.
  4. I can now walk away from things that don’t benefit us.
  5. I’ve learnt to appreciate the simple, thoughtful things & gestures in life.
  6. I’ve mastered the art of saying ‘no’ to people.
  7. I’m stronger, more confident and happier than ever.
  8. It’s also made me more spontaneous, ambitious and adventurous than ever.
  9. I now have a zero tolerance of bullshit. No exceptions.
  10. It’s made me more honest, open and blunt like never before (and I wont apologise for it, sorry!)
  11. It’s taught me that ‘failure’ and ‘adapt’ are two very different things.  I never fail.  Ever.
  12. I will never take a ‘passive’ role in our medical care ever again.
  13. It’s taught me that you are responsible for making your own happiness in life.
  14. It made me both limit and value those people I now welcome into our lives – feel privileged if you are still part of our ‘team.’  We Love you!  For those of you no longer in our lives, it’s probably due to number 9 on this list! *scrolls back up lol!*
  15. Finally, and most importantly; I’m a better mummy to my beautiful babies. (Ok, I was already pretty amazing before, but you know!)

So you see I have FAR more reasons to LOVE my cancer, than to hate it. I know that will seem odd to many people.  Wow, it feels odd to even say it; really wasn’t where this blog was originally heading!  Yes, there are days where I struggle to see the positives it’s given me.  But today isn’t one of those.

Cancer; you may have taken loved ones, but I can guarantee you will never take me…….I’m just too damn awesome for you baby!

Amy Griffiths, Well Being Freedom Services Ltd ©


Exercise…..The Geek’s Way!

So, how do geeks clear the crap from their minds??  Well, they grab their favourite Mickey Mouse T-shirt, a Doctor Who backpack and an IPod and head out hiking in the rain of course!

I’m currently sat on a piece of driftwood log, in light rain overlooking the waves, beach to myself. Bliss.  Don’t think I could have a better office’ today if I tried lol!

But to get here I’ve trekked across wonderful huge sand dunes in the middle of nowhere, so its not all sat around enjoying the peaceful view!

I’m certainly feeling much better for the hike and calming waves 🙂  I don’t actually want to leave! But mum duties await……well give me another half hour peace before the trek back to find the car 😉

Its a funny thing living with a chronic illness. Last week I could barely walk. Today I’ve achieved a goal I set myself two years ago (yep, had a little proud cry when I finally reached the beach!)

No doubt my body will punish me for this tomorrow, but for now I’m LOVING today’s exercise and that’s what its all about 🙂


Merthyr Mawr!


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