Well, I REALLY didn’t mean to do that…..



But I am feeling pretty smug that I did ha!  But I really didn’t mean to at all!

You see two days ago I had a small surgery and was meant to be ‘taking it easy.’  So I told myself I was only going to do a small run down into town and back (I run most Saturday mornings to help with my lymphoedema and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).  I haven’t felt that well the past few days, even went to bed at 8pm last night totally drained and in pain.

But something happened this morning before my run which I won’t bore you with, but let’s just say it released too much adrenaline into my system (a quirky benefit/punishment of having EDS) and once I was running with my favourite tunes on in the pissing rain and wind, I just couldn’t stop.  I love how ‘free’ running and music makes me feel, everything else just kinda fades away.  It’s a very therapeutic feeling; one I only ever feel when I am running, dancing or singing.  Its irreplaceable. 

You will know from my previous blogs how hard I have found my fitness journey due to my health issues – if you haven’t read them you can find them here and here.  Never in a million years would I have ever thought I was capable of doing what I did today!  So I guess there is a lot to be said for running when you are feeling emotional 😉

I am sooooooo incredibly proud of myself, and not in a bigheaded way but in a fucking grateful way.  Grateful that I am still here after cancer, grateful that my EDS and lymphoedema haven’t ruined my life, grateful to be a strong role model to my babies, grateful for good music!  But fuck am I in agony now.  My legs are wrecked and my stomach can’t make it’s mind up what it’s doing.

I am expecting to go into a full blown painful chronic illness flare up over the next few days, but you know what since cancer I have learnt to live life like it’s your last day on earth.  And I don’t mean that in a morbid way.  But I was genuinely given a second chance at life and I have absolutely no intention spending it festering away!


As John Cena says…….NEVER GIVE UP!!!



Amy Griffiths, Well Being Freedom Services Ltd ©

Well That’s One Off the Cancer Bucket List!








Well today’s ‘office’ is me on the sofa under a blankie, exhausted, run down and in pain.  But it’s largely self inflicted and I’m so glad it is!

You see since cancer, I’ve been compiling a kinda bucket list in my mind given my second stab at living.  As a result lots has changed over the past two years; relocation to the beautiful Welsh mountains; I’ve completed a further nutrition diploma; I’ve taken up singing again; I’ve re-found laughter; and I’ve shocked myself into loving running!  Yes you heard right!  Yes, me running!  

Some of you will already know that I live with chronic illness in the form of a rare genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (and many wonderful associated aliments) and Secondary Lymphoedema due to the cancer treatment; both which can affect my ability to walk quite significantly at times.  Despite this, I added a rather challenging and bonkers item to my bucket list recently – to complete a MUD RUN!  Yes, totally bonkers!  You will read from my previous blogs how I’ve struggled with my fitness due to my health – you can read them here and here if you haven’t!

This is what I wrote on Facebook on 9th September:

“So, have kept this quietish in case I wasn’t able to take part for health reasons, BUT apart from just detoxing my body & mind, I’ve been training towards one of my bucket list goals since surviving cancer 2 years ago…..Today I’m VERY pleased to say I SMASHED my first ever mud run, completing a 5K course with muddy obstacles in the heavy rain in just 36 MINUTES!!! Not only did I stay in the lead of my race, I actually outran the majority in the race that set off 15 minutes before me!! I’m soooo emotional & what really made it extra special was having my two babies complete the last 100 yards across the finish line holding my hands – MY WORLD & reason I continue to fight living with chronic illness and beating cancer!! xxx.”

I still can’t believe what I achieved!  All by sensibly stepping up my walking over the past 6 months, sticking to a very strict detox and high-protein diet, and shutting out negativity.  Of course this combined with an EDS burst of adrenaline on the day; the celebration to still be alive and the love of my babies is what truly got me through that race and over those obstacles!

I still have to pinch myself; I could literally burst with pride.  I really could.  The haters couldn’t burst my bubble, and nor could the awful downward spiral in my health since as a result!

I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!


Amy Griffiths, Well Being Freedom Services Ltd ©