Happy 7th Anniversary!

7th anniversary

So, no, this isn’t my wedding anniversary (ha!).  No.  This Summer I am celebrating 7 glorious years of single-parenthood 😀  I know, I can’t quite believe my babies are growing up so quickly!  Seems like only yesterday I was patting my growing tummy and suffering from horrific sickness ha!   My babies make me incredibly proud, even with the meltdowns and pre-teen eye-rolling!

Being a single parent has certainly changed over the years.  I remember choosing to do it alone the first time around 11 years ago; I was in my early 20’s, career-driven and after struggling with fertility issues never in my wildest dreams thought it would be possible to ever carry a child of my own.  I look back now and realise how people generally pitied me for being a lone parent, like I somehow was suddenly in a sub-standard class, struggling and unwanted.


Second time around three years later things were slightly better, although perhaps I had toughened up and learnt to take less shit 😉  These days however, times have changed dramatically.

Single mothers are no longer pitied.  We are feared, and so we should be!  We deal with more before 6am than you will ever know.  We fight battle after battle for our babies, and we do it with absolute grace.  We take no shit, and walk away from drama queens (you know who you are).  No longer does society view us as weak beings, struggling to cope.  But now rather as strong, powerful females who to do it all (and more!)  

I’m not going to lie and say it’s always easy.  It’s not.  Especially with my own health issues and raising two wonderfully quirky babies both with varying additional needs.  But I can tell you this……..choosing to raise my babies full time single-handedly will win each and every time, hands down 😉


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International Women’s Day…Don’t insult us…



Now, I’m not against celebrating women, our struggles, successes and how far we have come (and still have to go); but I do take issue with this bizarre need to have one single day a year to acknowledge us.  I actually find it quite insulting on so many levels, rather than celebratory.  And don’t get me started on Mother’s Day either…that’s equally as insulting.

I don’t need a single day a year to recognise the women around me who inspire me each and every single day.

There’s the incredibly brave and young fellow cervical cancer survivor who will never be able to carry her own child, and yet still keeps going.

The enormously strong mother who continues to fundraise for sick kids and work on a busy maternity unit despite her own miracle baby sadly growing his wings at just 8 months old.

The determined single woman fighting tirelessly to get the law changed so that her and other single women can legally become parents using their own eggs via a surrogate and a sperm donor (I can’t even believe that this is even an issue in this day and age!)  She also happens to be a fellow cervical cancer survivor.

The courageous mother who grabbed her kids and fled her abusive ex partner, risking her own life.

And finally the resilient fellow warrior who takes a daily kicking from their own special needs child, and yet gets back up each and every time despite their own chronic health issues.

These are the true women who need celebrating and I feel truly honoured to have them in my life, each and every day.  Not once a year.




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Well, I REALLY didn’t mean to do that…..



But I am feeling pretty smug that I did ha!  But I really didn’t mean to at all!

You see two days ago I had a small surgery and was meant to be ‘taking it easy.’  So I told myself I was only going to do a small run down into town and back (I run most Saturday mornings to help with my lymphoedema and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).  I haven’t felt that well the past few days, even went to bed at 8pm last night totally drained and in pain.

But something happened this morning before my run which I won’t bore you with, but let’s just say it released too much adrenaline into my system (a quirky benefit/punishment of having EDS) and once I was running with my favourite tunes on in the pissing rain and wind, I just couldn’t stop.  I love how ‘free’ running and music makes me feel, everything else just kinda fades away.  It’s a very therapeutic feeling; one I only ever feel when I am running, dancing or singing.  Its irreplaceable. 

You will know from my previous blogs how hard I have found my fitness journey due to my health issues – if you haven’t read them you can find them here and here.  Never in a million years would I have ever thought I was capable of doing what I did today!  So I guess there is a lot to be said for running when you are feeling emotional 😉

I am sooooooo incredibly proud of myself, and not in a bigheaded way but in a fucking grateful way.  Grateful that I am still here after cancer, grateful that my EDS and lymphoedema haven’t ruined my life, grateful to be a strong role model to my babies, grateful for good music!  But fuck am I in agony now.  My legs are wrecked and my stomach can’t make it’s mind up what it’s doing.

I am expecting to go into a full blown painful chronic illness flare up over the next few days, but you know what since cancer I have learnt to live life like it’s your last day on earth.  And I don’t mean that in a morbid way.  But I was genuinely given a second chance at life and I have absolutely no intention spending it festering away!


As John Cena says…….NEVER GIVE UP!!!



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